Expert Color Matching
Color is skillfully matched to your vehicle's original finish using Sikkens Computerized Paint System. Sikkens was the first paint manufacturer to use the base coat clear coat refinishing procedure. This technique was developed in Europe over 20 years ago to refinish top-of-the-line European cars. You can learn more about the paint we use on this page.


State-of-the-art Painting
A dust-free climate controlled environment is essential when applying auto body finishes. At Uptown, we use dust-free down draft baking booths. These booths allow us to bake paint at temperatures up to 185o for an outstanding, lasting finish. Learn more about the Garmat Paint Booths here.


Careful Detailing
Cleaning, inspecting, testing. We pay attention to the details. Your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and road-tested to make sure repairs have been completed to our satisfaction....and yours.