Computer Measuring System

Using a computer measuring system Uptown Auto Body can get you vehicle back in the shape it was made to be in. Getting your vehicle back to factory measurements is critical for correct repairs. Shark uses ultrasound technology to acquire data. The emitter probes send signals which are received by high frequency microphones located in the beam. The Shark helps the technician to get a 100% correction to the damage done to your vehicle. Visit the Shark Website. 

Laser Measuring System
Strut tower and fender bolt dimensions are provided in three dimensional measurements. Underbody dimensions show XYZ measurements of major control points needed for repairs. Underhood dimensions provide point to point and center out width measurements of strut towers, upper radiator support, and fender locations. Data shows rear rail height, length and width. Here the rear bumper mounting bolt is located with the accessories.  

Precise Laser Unibody Repair

Exact measurements are crucial when restoring frame and unibody vehicles to their manufactures' original specifications. That's why at Uptown, we use the Kansas Jack Lazer Measuring System, the most accurate measuring system available. The Kansas Jack World Rack 4000 is the most advanced system anywhere for repairing frame and unibody vehicles. And the Kansas Jack Total Vehicle Alignment System insures precise two and four-wheel alignment.